Entrance Preparation for BAMS

BAMS is a rigorous and demanding and highly rewarding course of study. Studying BAMS can provide you with a good platform in many places in the world. BAMS is a few applied courses that can give you the same respect and platform with the doctors studying western medicine. Thus, competition is high in this field.Getting respected like the doctors and also no difficult scheduling has made this course coveted by many.

If you want to stand on the top of many other students you need good preparation and hard work. Studying alone is not enough. Organizations like Vibrant BAMS Entrance Preparation can help you get good marks in the exam. Not only the entrance exam, Vibrant BAMS Entrance Preparation has many students who have gained scholarships in many Universities in Nepal.

With our 15 years of experience and study, we Vibrant BAMS can provide you with a good entrance exam and a hope of a safe, secured and successful future.


Introduction of BAMS

BAMS refers to the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.). This subject studies and uses many herbs for medicinal and other purposes. They are also used in cosmetics, teas, chocolates and many more. BAMS allows you a good platform for studying herbal remedies to develop new medicines.

Vibrant Intitute is very experienced in cultivating students who can pass through BAMS exams. Therefore, we hove you could kindly entrust us your time for BAMS preparation. Vibrant for BAMS is the best of the best.


Eligibility of BAMS

  1. Passed 10+2 Science or equivalent (with Physics, Chemistry and Biology) with 50%

  2. aggregate in total marks or GPA 2.4


  1. Secured the percentage equivalent to above eligibility in regards to the certificate

  2. level programs (eg. A-Level) with different grading system


  1. b. Applicants who have passed the Health Science Proficiency Certificate/Diploma

  2. (General Medicine, Medical Lab Technology, Ophthalmic Science, Dental Science,

  3. Pharmacy, Ayurveda, Radiography, Physiotherapy) with at least 50% aggregate in total marks AND Registered in Nepal Health Professional Council or Nepal Pharmacy Council or Nepal Ayurveda Council as per related educational program.


Objective of BAMS

  • To excel in Ayurveda Education through trained and experienced faculty and teaching aids such as projector, models, study materials.

  • To excel in Clinical Services through trained and experienced clinicians and diagnostic technology as well as quality medicines


  •  To support and promote research in the field of Ayurveda.

  • To support and promote cultivation of herbs, manufacturing of medicines, diagnosis and treatment through basic principles of Ayurveda.

  • To evaluate, teach, promote and practice best protocols in manufacturing and standardization of medicine preparations.

  • To spread awareness of Ayurveda diet and regimen through students, staff and masses.


Scope of BAMS

The most favorable scope of BAMS is to be an Ayurvedic Doctor. You can also be a researcher, teacher or open a private ayurveda clinic. You can opt for ayurvedic drug producer or raw material industry.You can also study further MD, MS, PHD etc is different field. Many universities also provide good scholarships for further studies in Ayurveda.

Today the field of Ayurveda is walking side by side with western medicine. Therefore you can also opt for a private ayurveda clinic.

Nowadays, many developed and developing countries are paying attention to this field. So, you can also choose to be a teacher, researcher, pharmacist, or work in the field of cosmetics, health, food etc.

Vibrant helps you suceed in your first steps to make sure that after you study the course you can fly higher in your life.


Course Duration

The course duration of BAMS is three years while the cost of this course is 

NPR 1,092,600.


 Examination Format

a. Question type: Single best response type of multiple-choice questions

b. Option: Four options (A, B, C, D)

c. Number of questions: 200

d. Full marks: 200

e. Cognitive ratio: Recall: Understanding: Application - 30:50:20

f. Duration: 3 hours


Syllabus for BAMS exams

According to Nepali Government, most of the exams in the medical field are conducted by Bachelor Level Common Entrance Examination, also known as the MECEE exam. The course syllabus for the exam according to the Nepali Government are as follows:

 Examination Format

a. Question type: Single best response type of multiple-choice questions

b. Option: Four options (A, B, C, D)

c. Number of questions: 200

d. Full marks: 200

e. Cognitive ratio: Recall: Understanding: Application - 30:50:20

f. Duration: 3 hours


Zoology- 40 questions


Sno. Zoology Questions
1 Biology, origin, and  evolution of life  4
2 General Characteristics and classification of protoza to chordata  8
3 Plasmodium, earthworm , frog 8
4 Human bilogy and human diseases 14
5 Animal Tissues 4
6 Environment pollution,adaptation, and animal behaviour , application of Zoology 2
7 Total  40


 Botany-40 questions

Sno. Botany Questions
1 Basic Component of life and Biodiversity 11
2 Ecology and Environment 5
3 Anatomy and Physiology 7
4 Development and Applied Botany  5
  Total 40

Chemistry-40 questions

Sno. Chemistry Questions
1 General and Physical Chemistry 15
2 Inorganic Chemistry 10
3 Organic Chemistry 15
  Total 40





 Physics -40 questions

Sno. Physics Questions
1 Heat and Thermodynamics 5
2 Geometrical optics and physical optics 5
3 Mechanics 9
4 Current electricity and Magnetism 7
5 Modern Physics and Nuclear Physics 5
6 Solid and Semoconductor devices(electroics) 2
7 Particle physics,sourceof energy and universe 2
  Total 40




Contents from PCL level course of specific subject -20

Sno. Contents from Pcl Level Course of Specific Question
1 Content from PCL/Diploma level course of Specific Subjects 20
2 Total 20


 Mental Agility Test (MAT) -20 questions


Sno. Mental Agility Test Questions
1 Verbal reasoning 5
2 Numerical reasoning 5
3 Logical reasoning 5
4 Spatial relation/Abstract reasoning 5
  Total 20





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