Bachelor in Perfusion Technology

Bachelor in Perfusion Technology

Entrance exam preparation for Bachelor in Perfusion

You completed high school and searching for the best college for pursuing your studies in Bachelor in perfusion. But, before entering any good college, you have to face the entrance exam. It is mandatory to pass the entrance exam, then only you can continue your admission process in any college. Apart from this, this exam gives you a big opportunity to get a scholarship for continuing your education independently.  

This is totally a new course in Nepal, and not so many people are aware of this course. We know you all are in a big dilemma that how to prepare, what to prepare and where to prepare for your entrance exam. So nothing to be worried about, we are here at Vibrant Nepal’s largest medical entrance preparation centre to provide proper guidance, which can expand your knowledge and boost your skills and ability to think analytically. We have been carrying 15 years of experience with our well-qualified and specialized teacher. We help students by providing all the necessary study materials like question banks with informative answers, important notes, MCQ question practice and weekly tests to analyze their capability. Most of the students of our vibrant succeed in cracking the entrance exam with great marks and some of them are also eligible to get a scholarship in their reputed college. 

Bachelor in Perfusion

Bachelor in perfusion is a four-year course started by Tribhuvan University in Nepal. It is the study of physiology and the pathology of the lungs and the allied respiratory organs of the human body. It is a good career option if you are interested in health care and science. Moreover, you used associated equipment used to support, or assume the function of the heart or lungs during the medical strategy.   

Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor in Perfusion Technology

  • The eligibility criteria for BSc Perfusion technology are a 10+2 examination or equivalent with 50% - 55% marks from a recognized institute.
  • Science should be the main preferable subject with English as a compulsory subject.
  • Students must have to clear 10+2 examinations in all subjects
  • Students must have to clear the entrance exam

Job opportunities after completing Bachelor in Perfusion Technology

There are many job opportunities after completing your Bachelor's in perfusion, which is as follows:-
  • Private and government hospitals and health care hospitals
  • Lecturer and professors
  • Perfusionists
  • Medical case review physician
  • Super-speciality hospitals
  • ICU, and CTICU
  • NICU and pediatric units
  • Teaching and training professional
  • Social welfare organizations
  • Emergency medical care
  • Sales and marketing to sell perfusion products

Job description 

Choosing your career as a perfusionist is a good option, however, it provides job good opportunities and a good salary. Perfusionist uses specific tools and methods for patient care, and also perform an important role in cardiovascular surgical teams. Moreover, they play a key role in running a machine that artificially replaces a patient's heart or lungs while they are under surgery. Throughout CPB, the perfusionist also learns to maintain and monitor a number of patient parameters. This refers to the control of temperature, blood coagulation, blood pressure, heart rate, urine output, arterial and venous blood gases, acid/base status, and myocardial protection. 

Scope of Bachelor in Perfusion Technology

  • Operate Heart-lung machines
  • High-end equipment under the guidance of the healthcare practitioner
  • Monitor optimal blood pressure
  • Pharmacological and mechanical manipulation to enhance tissue viability.

The objective of Bachelor in Perfusion Technology 

  • Prepare competent perfusionists in the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective learning domains
  • Provide students with a strong foundation in perfusion theory 
  • Maintain external accreditation with a curriculum designed 
  • Provide professional communication, behaviours, and attitudes between all medical disciplines

Exam Question Pattern

Question type- multiple choice question (MCQ)

Number of questions- 200

Full marks- 200

Cognitive ratio- recall: understanding: Application- 30:50:20


 S.N.  Contain/ Domain  Question
 a.  Zoology  40
 1.  Biology, origin, and evolution of life  4
 2.  General characteristics and classification of Protozoa to Chordata  8
 3.  Plasmodium, earthworm, and frog  8
 4.  Human biology and human diseases  14
 5.  Animal tissues  4
 6.  Environmental pollution, adaptation and animal behaviour, application of Zoology  2


 b.      Botany                                                                                                                           40          
 7.  The basic components of life and biodiversity   11
 8.  Ecology and environment  5
 9.  Cell biology and genetics  12
 10.  Anatomy and Physiology  7
 11.  Development and applied botany  5

 c.      Chemistry                                                                                                                      50          
 12.  General and physical chemistry   18
 13.  Inorganic Chemistry  14
 14.  Organic chemistry  18

d.      Physics                                                                                                                           50          
 15.  Mechanics  10
 16.  Heat and thermodynamics  6
 17.  Geometrical optics and physical optics  6
 18.  Current electricity and magnetism  9
 19.  Sound Waves, electrostatics, and capacitors  6
 20.  Modern Physics and nuclear physics  6
 21.  Solid and semiconductor devices (electronics)  4
 22.   Particle physics, source of energy, and universe  3

 e.     Mental Agility Test (MAT)                                                                                             20         
 23.  Verbal reasoning  5
 24.  Numerical reasoning  5
 25.  Logical reasoning  5
 26.  Spatial relation/ Abstract reasoning   5
   Total   200

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