Entrance exam preparation for Bachelor in Optometry (B. Optom)

Most Nepali people are interested in the medical sector and think of studying Bachelor in Optometry. Before starting your bachelor's you have to face the entrance exam if you want to join any top university. Thus, clearing the entrance exam with better grades becomes important for you as it will offer you the possibility of obtaining a scholarship for your graduation.

We know many of you are panicking about the entrance exam, the pattern of questions, difficulty level of the exam. Everyone used to say it is very hard to crack the entrance examination but there is nothing which is difficult that you can not achieve even after hard work. This is a hard exam but not the hardest you can easily crack this examination with the proper guidance, proper understanding and with your hard work. So. we are here vibrant, Nepal's largest medical entrance preparation centre with 15 years of experience in providing complete preparation for any entrance exams.  

Furthermore, we provide previous year's question papers, a question bank with logical answers, MCQ question practices, and reasonable notes which help you to understand the concept easily and help you to crack the exam easily with good marks. Moreover, we also organize weekly tests to analyze and test your capability. Most of the students of our vibrant succeed to crack the entrance exam with great marks and some of them are also eligible to get a scholarship in their reputed college. However, it's up to you, your one decision can change your whole destiny. 

Bachelor in Optometry (B. Optom) 

BSc Optometry is a four-year degree program that is divided into eight semesters of study. Six semesters are theory-based and the remaining two of them are training based undertaken at an eye care hospital. The education of optometry course was started in 1998 to meet the shortage of eye health professionals in Nepal.  

Provision for scholarship

The scholarship is a very big opportunity for students. The government of Nepal provides scholarship opportunities for many eligible students of bachelor in optometry. 55 percent of the seats will be distributed through open opportunities and 45 percent to others. 



Adivasi janajati- 15%

Khas Aryan- 17%

Madeshi -12%

Tharu -4%


Candidates from the backward community- 4%

Disabled- 2%

Families of martyrs- 2% 

Eligibility criteria for bachelor in Optometry (B. Optom) 

  • SLC with a minimum of 45% in aggregate with English, Science and Mathematics as compulsory

  • subjects or as per CTEVT entrance policy

  • Candidates who pass SLC with optional Ophthalmology 

  • Should pass entrance examination administered by CTEVT

  • The final selection will be made on the basis merit list.

  • Student quota for different categories of students as per the policy of CTEVT 

Seats available in universities

  • National Academy of Medical Sciences, Bir hospital(NAMS)- 40 seats

  • Pokhara University (PoU)- 27 seats

  • Tribhuwan university - 10 seats

Job description

Bachelor's in Optometry (B. Optom) provide a big opportunity in your life and helps to boost your knowledge about your eye. It provides knowledge and develops practical skills in primary eye health care. Moreover, it prescribes appropriate visual aids for general as well as specific eye examinations. It helps to correlate different structures and functions of the human body that also help to measure visual function.      

Scope of B. Optometry

  • It will provide you respectable Profession in society.

  • Multiple Further Study Options by taking up a Masters in Optometry, Masters in Science, PhD, etc. 

  • Multiple Job Opportunities in Hospitals, Eye Clinics, Optical Centres, etc. 

  • Opportunity to Learn a Wide Variety of Skills.

  • Opportunity to open your own eye care showroom after completing Bachelor in Optometry.

Job opportunities 

  • Government hospitals as assistants to specialists.

  • Private hospitals as assistants to specialists.

  • Private clinics.

  • Optical showrooms.

  • Industrial Employment.

  • Pursue further studies.

Examination format

Multiple choice question

Number of question-200

Full marks- 200

Cognitive Ratio: Recall: Understanding: Application- 30:50:20

Duration: 3 hours  



 S.N.  Contain/Domain  Question 
 a. Zoology  40
 1 Biology origin and evolution of life  4
 2 General characteristics and classification of Protozoa to Chordata  8
 3 Plasmodium, earthworm and frog  8
 4 Human biology and human diseases   14
 5 Animal tissue  4
 6 Environmental pollution, adaptation and animal behaviour, application of Zoology  2


 b.      Botany                                                                                                                           40           
 7 The basic component of life and diversity  11
 8 Ecology and environment  5
 9 Cell biology and genetics  12
 10 Anatomy and Physiology  7
 11 Developmental and applied botany   5




 c.      Chemistry                                                                                                                      40           
 12  General and Physical Chemistry  15
 13 Inorganic Chemistry  10
 14 Organic Chemistry  15


 d.      Physics                                                                                                                          40           
 15 Mechanics  9
 16 Heat and Thermodynamics  5
 17 Geometrical optics and Physical optics  5
 18 Current electricity and Magnetism   7
 19 Sound waves electrostatistics, and capacitors  5
 20 Modern Physics and nuclear physics  5
 21 Solids and semiconductor devices (Electronics)  2
 22 Particle Physics, Source of Energy, and univese  2



 e.      Content from PCL level course of a specific object                                                   20          
 23 Content from PCL/ diploma level force of a specific object  20


 f.       Mental agility test                                                                                                         20         
 24 Verbal reasoning  5
 25 Numerical reasoning  5
 26 Logical Sequencing  5
 27 Spatial relation/ Abstract reasoning  5
  Total  200











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