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Bachelor in dental surgery is a subject of high demand in Nepal. With direct job scheduling, easier management and a lucrative career has made this course a choice of many people. 

With many students the competition may be harsh but the returns are more. Systematic learning, good guidance and hard work are the things that can help you do excellent in the exams. Vibrant Entrance Preparation for BDS has been chosen from many top students due to its qualified professionals who have worked in this field for more than 15 years. Vibrant Entrance Preparation For BDS produces qualified talents who not only secure good marks in entrance exams but also win scholarships in many colleges and universities.With a sufficient library, questionnaires, counseling, test materials Vibrant Entrance Preparation for BDS help you reach the top with quality entrance results.


Bachelor in dental surgery

Bachelor in dental surgery is a field of study that studies mainly on the field of maintaining the teeth of the human body. In the past the lack of knowledge of teeth led to broken teeth and many diseases that ruined thousands of lives. To stop this problem the study of dental surgery began.

Today not only repairing broken teeth technologies to beautify, clean and repair teeth has been established.


Job description

Dental surgery is a field that  incompasses all old to young. A dentist takes care of the patients teeth, gums and all other things related to teeth.He/She can also be a researcher, or work on products and medical manufacturing related to teeth and gums- for example work related to toothpaste, teeth cleanser etc.


Eligibility Criteria Of Bachelor in dental surgery

  • Passed 10+2 Science or equivalent (with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) with 50% aggregate in total marks or CGPA 2.4 OR

  • Secured the Percentage equivalent to the above eligibility in regards to the certificate level programs (A-Level) with different grading system OR

  • Applicants who have passed the Health Science Proficiency Certificate Level/Diploma (General Medicine, Medical Lab Technology, Ophthalmic Science, dental surgery, Pharmacy, Ayurveda, Radiography, Physiotherapy) containing Physics, Chemistry, and Biology With Certificate of Equivalence to Grade 12 Science program from National Examination Board AND

  • Secured at least 50% aggregate in total marks both in Diploma and the Examination for equivalence AND

  • Registered in Nepal Health Professional council or Nepal Pharmacy Council or Nepal Ayurveda Councils per related educational program.


Objective of Bachelor in dental surgery

  • Demonstrate the understanding of principles and practice of modem dentistry with an in-depth knowledge of structure and functions of the human body, normal and in diseases.

  • Advance one's own knowledge and skills through higher education via continuing dental education programs and research.

  • Discharge job responsibilities with concern and care.

  • Provide immediate management care to life-threatening situations by self.

  • Identify common dental health problems, manage them initially, ask opinions from seniors or refer to appropriate health institutions when required.

  • Provide education to people on oral health and health-related matters.

  • Participate in immunization and dental health programs and in health camps.

  • Communicate well with patient and patient's relatives by explaining matters known and refer them to appropriate persons when matters are not clear to self.

  • Provide all information on matters of management of patients to the patient and the relatives.

  • Identify medico-legal dental cases and function as required.

  • Develop a dental health care team-approach and give respect to all the other members of the team.

  • Give due care to children, elder citizens, and women.

  • Provide dental health care by becoming aware of the ethos of dental ethics.


Scope of Bachelor in dental surgery

The scope of this course is to be a dentist. With the increase of health consciousness in Nepal people have begun to care about hygiene and management of their body. This has made dentistry a lucrative career. Dentists can open their own clinic or work in hospitals.


Seats of Bachelor in dental surgery in Nepali University

B. P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences

Total seats:50

Kathmandu University

Total Seats: 260

Tribhuvan University

Total Seats: 255


Entrance Examination format 

Multiple choice questions with options (a,b,c,d)

Total question- 200 

Total marks- 200

Cognitive ratio- recall: understanding: Application- 30:50:20


S.N Contain/Domain Question 
a. Zoology   40
1. Biology origin and evaluation of life  4
2. General characteristics and evaluation of protozoa to Chordata   8
3. Plasmodium earthworm and frog   8
4. Human biology and human diseases  14
5.  Animal tissues  4
6. Environmental pollution and adaptation and animal behaviour application of zoology   2

b.     Botany                                                                                                                                40          
7 Basic Components of life and biodiversity  11
8 Ecology and environment  5
9 Cell biology and genetic 12
10 Anatomy and Physiology  7
11  Development and applied botany  5


c.     Chemistry                                                                                                                           50          
12 General and physical chemistry 18
13 Inorganic chemistry 14
14 Organic chemistry 18

d.     Physics                                                                                                                                50         
15 Mechanic 10
16 Heat and thermodyanmic 6
17 Geometrical optics and physical optics 6
18 current electricity and magnetism 9
19 Soundwave electrostatics and Capacitors 6
20 Modern Physics and Nuclear Physics 6
21 Solid and semiconductor device 4
22 Particle physics, source of energy and universe 3

e.     Mental Agility Test(MAT)                                                                                                   20        
23 Verbal reasoning 5
24 Numerical reasoning 5
25 Logical Sequencing 5
26 Spatial relation/ Abstract reasoning 5
  Total  200


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