Entrance exam preparation for Bachelor of Public Health (BPH)

If you just finished high school and thinking of studying ( BPH), then appearing in the entrance exam will be mandatory. Before getting admission to any good college, it becomes very important to pass the entrance exam with acceptable marks. However, good colleges offer admission on base on the entrance result and academic merit.  

We know most of the students are struggling with how what and where to prepare for your entrance. However, it is totally a new pattern examination for you and most people think that this exam is very hard to crack. But we are here our vibrant team, Nepal's largest medical entrance preparation centre to provide you with the best study tips which help you to master the exams and, make this exam easier for you. 

We provide all the essential study materials like question banks with detailed answers, previous year questions with reasonable solutions, understanding the concept more deeply, important notes, MCQ question practices and weekly tests to analyze your ability. Moreover, we have been carrying 15 years of experience with our specialized and well-qualified teachers, who expand your knowledge and make it easier for you to understand and answer the question logically. Do not stress, do your best, and forget the rest for our Vibrant.     

Why Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) entrance exam?

Applicants appearing in entrance exams provide an entry into the college and a golden chance to get a scholarship. Many reputed colleges offer scholarships for you to be self-dependent for your studies. Scholarships can either be complete or partial according to the student's eligibility. Vibrant, create the best possibilities and ability to grab this opportunity quickly.     

Introduction to Bachelor of Public Health 

In Nepal, the Bachelor of Public Health is a 4-year course with a single intake throughout the year. 
  1. Students are selected based on merit. 
  2. Students must record a minimum of 80% attendance for exam registration. 
  3. Each college is allowed to intake 40 applicants per year for the Bachelor of Public Health Program. 
Courses which is included in BPH are 
  1. Research methodology, 
  2. Public health
  3. Population health,
  4. Health promotion and education, 
  5. Public health statistics/ biostatistics, 
  6. Population health, 
  7. Epidemiology
  8. Community diagnosis,
  9. Behavioural Science,
  10. Reproductive/ family health, 
  11. Nutrition
  12. Health management 
  13. Environmental health.
Different universities conducted different syllabi for this course like Tribhuvan University, Pokhara, and Purbanchal university the curriculum is somewhat similar.  

Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor of Public Health in Nepal

Students need to meet some criteria to enter any BPH college in Nepal. 
  1. The applicant should have an intermediate or +2 degree in Science in biology stream/ Proficiency Level Certificate in Science or certificate in Health Sciences with a minimum of 50% from a recognized body or authority. 
  2. Applicants should also sit for the entrance examination conducted by different universities (depending on the college and what university it is affiliated to) and bring at least 50% of their score to be deemed eligible for admission. 

Syllabus for Bachelor of Public Health Entrance exam in Nepal

Important information on entrance examination format:
  1. Question type: Single best response type of multiple-choice questions
  2. Option: Four options (A, B, C, D)
  3. Number of questions: 200
  4. Total marks: 200, IE, one question is worth one spot.
  5. Cognitive ratio: Recall: Understanding: Application – 30:50:20
  6. Duration: 3 hours
S.N. Contain/Domain                                                                                                                  Question
 a. Zoology  40
 1 Biology origin and evolution of life  4
 2 General characteristics and evolution of protozoa to Chordata  8
 3 Plasmodium earthworm and frog  8
 4 Human biology and Human diseases   14
 5 Animal tissues   4
 6 Environmental pollution and adaptation and animal behaviour application of zoology  2

 b. Botany                                                                                                                                  40          
 7 Basic components of life and biodiversity 11
 8 Ecology and environment 5
 9 Cell biology and genetic 12
 10 Anatomy and Physiology 7
 11    Development and Applied Botany  5

 c. Chemistry                                                                                                                             40         
 12 General and physical chemistry 15
 13 Inorganic chemistry 10
 14    Organic chemistry 15

 d. Physics                                                                                                                                  40        
 15 Mechanic 9
 16 Heat and thermodynamics 5
 17 Geometrical optics and physical optics 5
 18 Current electricity and Magnetism 7
 19 Soundwave electrostatics and capacitors 5
 20 Modern physics and nuclear physics 5
 21 Solid and semiconductor device 2
 22    Particle Physics, source of energy and universe 2

 e.     Pre-requisite Health Knowledge (Basic concepts)                                                                20       
 23 Determination of health and illness 5
 24 communicable diseases including vector-borne diseases and zoonotic diseases  5
 25 Non-communicable diseases 3
 26 Water sanitation and hygiene (WASH)  2
 27 The basic concepts of biostatistics and epidemiology 5      

 f.     Mental Agility Test (MAT)                                                                                                    20       
 28 Verbal Reasoning  5
 29 Numerical Reasoning  5
 30 Logical Sequencing  5
 31 Spatial relation/ Abstract reasoning  5
  Total   200


Scope of Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) in Nepal

Public Health has promising career opportunities in the private as well as in governmental sectors. The employment areas for the graduates of Bachelor of Public Health are 
  1. Governmental Service
  2. Hospital and Research Center
  3. Colleges and Academic Institutes
  4. NGO/INGO/ Developmental sectors 

​​Seats available for Bachelor in Public Health in Nepal

  1. Madan Bhandari academy of health science(MBHS)- 2O seats
  2. Madhesh institute health sciences (MIHS)- 20 seats 
  3. Rajarshi Janak University campus ( RJU)- 30 seats
  4. Karnali Academy of health science (KAHS)-60 seats 
  5. Pokhara University (PU)- 300 seats
  6. Tribhuwan University(TU)- 290 seats
  7. Purbanchal University (PU)- 720 seats

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