Entrance exam preparation for BSc nursing


For pursuing a BSc in nursing you have to appear in the entrance exam for 3 hours. You might be in a dilemma in choosing the best institute for your entrance preparation exam. Now you dont have to worry about your entrance examination. Here, we are vibrant Nepal's Largest Medical Entrance Preparation Centre for you to boost and widen your knowledge. We guide you with the proper academic knowledge, complete study materials, and model questions. our well-qualified experienced teacher will assist your better grip on your entrance preparation exam. We have been carrying 15 years of experience in providing the best result for the preparation for BSc nursing. 


BSc Nursing course


BSc Nursing is a four-year course that focuses on boosting and developing the skills, knowledge and attitude and ability of middle-level nursing graduates to work as a teacher, health care providers and middle-level managers in the hospital as well as in the community setting. This course helps them to specialised their skills and developed their confidence in the nursing sector.


Why the BSc nursing entrance exam? 

Applicants appearing in entrance exams would have a big opportunity to get scholarships in reputed universities. Different universities provide scholarships to eligible candidates. Eligible candidates can get either full or partial scholarships. Medical Education Commission (MEC) makes the selection for scholarships in all constituent and affiliated medical colleges. 


Job description 

Bsc Nursing brings many opportunities to your life. It  will develop and help to accomplish your medical skills. It also provides high-quality service needs for the country. Moreover, it offers comprehensive nursing care for patients, professional and personal development, and develops communication skills to deal with any kind of person. It provides an understanding of the health and prevention of diseases and understanding of their responsibilities.   

Apart from this, It gives you the opportunities to love the unloved, help the helpless, and bring hope to the hopeless.


Eligibility to study BSc. Nursing in Nepal


1. In Applying for the Bsc the candidate must be a +2 science or I.sc science and English as a compulsory subject. 50% aggregate marks in biology, chemistry and physics are compulsory.


2. Applicants who have passed the Health Science Proficiency Certificate Level/ Diploma ( General medicine, Medical Lab Technology, Ophthalmic Science, Dental Science, Pharmacy, Ayurveda, Radiography, physiotherapy) containing physics, chemistry, and biology with certificates of equivalence to grade 12 science program from the National Examination Board 


3. You have to secure 50% marks aggregate in total marks both in Diploma and the Examination for Equivalence 


4. Registered in Nepal health professional council or Nepal pharmacy council or Nepal Ayurveda councils per related educational program.


Working fields after completion of Bsc nursing are as follows:

  • Staff Nurse

  • Nursing Service Administrators

  • Director of Nursing

  • Department Supervisor

  • Nursing Supervisor or Ward Sister

  • Nursing Superintendent

  • Community Health Nurse (CHN)

  • Home Care Nurses

  • Military Nurse

  • Deputy Nursing Superintendent

  • Teacher of Nursing

  • Assistant Nursing Superintendent

  • Industrial Nurse

Seats provided by different universities

There is a total of 1,280 seats available in different universities of Nepal for Bsc nursing which are as follows:


Tribhuvan University: 380 seats

Pokhara University: 80 seats

Purvanchal University: 330 seats

Kathmandu University: 430 seats

BPKIHS (B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Science): 40 seats

MIHS (Madhesh Institute of Health Science): 20 seats 


Exam pattern for Nursing entrance Preparation in Nepal.

Multiple choice question

Number of question:200

Full marks:200

Cognitive Ratio: Recall: Understanding: Application- 30:50:20 

Duration: 3 hours

Subjects included for Nursing entrance Preparation in Nepal


S.N Contain/Domain Question
a. Zoology 40
1 Biology origin and evolution of life  4
2 General Characteristic and Classification of Protozoa to Chordata 8
3 Plasmodium , earthworm and  Frog  8
4 Human biology and Human diseases 14
5 Animal Tissue 4
6 Environmental pollutions, adaptions and animal behaviour,application of Zoology  2



b Botany  40
1 The basic components of life and diversity 11
2 Ecology and environment 5
3 Cell biology and genetics 12
4 Anatomy and Physiology 7
5 Development and applied botany 5


Sno Chemistry 50
1 General and Physical chemistry 18
2 Inorganic Chemistry 14
3 organic  Chemistry 18


d. Physics 50
1 Mechanics 10
2 Heat and Thermodynamics 6
3 Geomatrical optics and Physical optics 6
4 Current electricity and Magnetism 9
5 Sound Waves electrostatics, and Capacitors 6
6 Modern Physics and Nuclear Physics 6
7 Solids and Semiconductors devices(Electronics) 4
8 Particle physics,Source of Energy , and Universe 3


e. Mental Agility test  20
1 Verbal reasoning 5
2 Numerical reasoning 5
3 logical Sequencing  5
4 Spatial relation/ Abstract reasoning 5
  Total 200





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