B.Tech (Food)

B.Tech (Food)


Entrance Preparation for BTech Food Technology

The BTech Food entrance exam is not difficult. This subject tests your rigorous understanding of biology, chemistry, math, interaction, the ability for leadership and many other fields. With high salaries and bonuses studying this subject has harsh competition.
To score excellently in the exam you need not only hard work but systematic training, guidance and hard work./div>
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Bachelor in Food Technology in Nepal (BTech in Food Technology)

Bachelor's in Food Technology is a systematic study of food including

  • Raw materials selection and harvesting,

  • Composition and development of different food characteristics and nature,

  •  Production,

  •  Preservation and safety, 

  • Packaging and storage, 

  • through to end-user preparation, 

  • consumption and sensory analysis.

This course studies the distinct applicability of food science, quality and development of food and selections and use of nutritional, safe and wholesome food. This subject attracts a huge amount of students all over the world due to the growing demand for food industries and food technologists.


Eligibility Criteria

Second division I.A. 

10+2 Science 

diploma label of food technology/laboratory from Tribhuwan University or institute recognized by TU.

The objective of Bsc. in Food Technology in Nepal

  1. To provide the students with theoretical as well as practical knowledge of general chemistry, food chemistry, biochemistry, food process engineering, product-specific technologies, food processing and preservation methodologies, aspects of hygiene, nutrition, quality control and analysis of modern and indigenous food products and food plant management.

  2.  To provide students with the knowledge of modern management systems, i.e. TQM, GMP, HACCP as applied in modern food and dairy industries and research methodology.

  3.  To provide actual field experience and on-the-job training or in-plant training experiences to make the students perfect and practically fit for adjustment in the food industries, government and other jobs.

    Scope of Bsc. Food Technology

    After studying in BTech Food technology you are applying for the following jobs food Quality Assurance Manager, food technology Laboratory Supervisor, Food Packaging Manager or Research Associate.

    If you continue to study further to post graduate in BTech Food Technology can be applicable for jobs like Lecturer or adviser in Government College, Government or Private Inspection Board or Quality Control Cells, Food Technologist, NGO/INGO (Food and Nutrition).

    If you work abroad you can work as a product development manager, researcher, hygiene management, or quality checker and also work for many food-related organizations and other commercial companies.


    Course Cost/Duration

    Bachelor in Food Technology is a 4 years course with 150 days in an academic year. The cost ranges from 425,000 to 500,000.


    Subject                                                                                             Full Marks

    Subject Full Marks
    Physics 100
    Chemistry  100
    Math and Statistics  100
    Instrumental Techniques of Analysis  100
    Basic and Food Microbiology 100
    Basic Principle of Engineering 50
    Total 500




    Second Year

                                                                                                 Full Marks

    Subject Year Full Marks 
    Food Chemistry  100
    Principles of food Processing) 100
    Food Engineering (Unit Operation and Processing Engineering ) 100
    Biochemistry and Human Nutrition 100 (50+50)
    The technology of Food Products-I (Cereals, Legumes, Oilseed and Protein Foods) 100
    Total 500



    Third Year


    Subject                                                                                               Full Marks

    Subject Full Marks
    The technology of Food Products-II (Fruits and Vegetables, Chocolates and Sugar Confectionery, Tea, Cofee and Spices) 100
    The technology of Food Products-III (Meat, Fish and Poultry) 100
    Biochemical Engineering  100
    Industrial Microbiology 100
    Food Quality Control and Analysis 100
    Total 500

    Fourth Year

    Subject Full Marks
    Storage and Packaging Technology 100 (50+50)
    Operation Research and Food Plant Management 100
    Dairy Technology 100
    Dissertation 50
    In Plant Training and Class Seminar 50
    Total 450



    Grand Total                                

    Subject Grand Total
    BTech in Food Technology 2000

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