Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry

Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry

Entrance preparation for Bsc. VSC & A.H

BSc VSC & A.H. is a demanding and highly rewarding and practical course of study. Studying at BSc VSC & A.H.  makes sure that you are never out of jobs and opportunities.

Agriculture is the foundation of a nation. A veterinary doctor is needed in any country in the world. Thus, competition is high in this field. 

If you want to stand on top of many other students you need good preparation and hard work. Studying alone is not enough. Organizations like Vibrant BSc VSC & A.H. Entrance Preparation can help you get good marks in the exam. Not only the entrance exam, but Vibrant BSc VSC & A.H. Entrance Preparation also has many students who have gained scholarships in many Universities in Nepal.

With our 15 years of experience and study, we Vibrant BSc VSC & A.H. can provide you with a good entrance exam and a hope of a safe, secured and successful future.


Introduction of Bsc. VSC & A.H.

Veterinary Science is the science that deals with the causes, identification (diagnosis), treatment and healing of the different sorts of diseases in domesticated birds and animals. It includes the learning of animal physiology and ideas for treating, curing and preventing diseases among animals. The basic principles of veterinary science are similar to that of medical science. On other hand, animal husbandry is concerned with the study of breeding, rearing and caring for farm animals.

Eligibility of BSc VSC & A.H.

Tribhuvan University

Students with I.Sc. (Basic Science) or I.Sc. (Agriculture) with compulsory English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology securing a minimum of 50 per cent marks in aggregate from Tribhuvan University or other recognized universities and boards are eligible for admission to B.Sc. Agriculture program.


Purvanchal University

Students who have successfully completed intermediate science programmes (10 +2 Science ), I.Sc., or I.Sc.Ag.) with at least 50 per cent are eligible to apply for this programme. Admission is based on the merit secured by the applicants in the entrance examination conducted by Purbanchal University.

There is a special provision for admission of in-service candidates in governmental or other institutional scholarships.


The objective of Bsc VSC & A.H.

  1. Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry course intends to endow opportunity for the students to gain expertise for getting employment as a specialist in veterinary medicine and animal husbandry.

  2. The course aims to prepare qualified and efficient graduate students capable of working and uplifting the livestock industry and contributing to the economic development and growth of the sector.

  3. Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry course intends to generate passion in students to continue their further study and research in the field of veterinary science and animal husbandry, and continuing professional development.

  4. The course aims to help students understand and realize the need for groundwork, devotion, consistency and loyalty that are vital for professional success in the field of veterinary science and animal husbandry.


Course duration

In accordance with TU, the course will have 10 semesters (5 years) with a total credit of 221 hours. Also, in Purvanchal University, the course will take 5 years.

The cost of this course ranges from 60,000 in TU and AFU to 6,000 per fee in government institutions. 

The private college in PU costs approx 16-17 lakhs full costs.


Scope of Bsc VSC & A.H.

Studying Bsc VSC & A.H. can get you many prospective careers. You can opt to choose the profession of Government Employee, A veterinary doctor, a veterinary technician or a researcher. 

You can also opt for professions that are interrelated to animals like animal care, pet centres, pet food, and other jobs and professions interrelated to animal needs and care etc.


Seats of Bsc VSC & A.H.

For this course, the Agriculture Forestry University (Agriculture & Forestry University) has 50 seats. Tribhuvan University has 50 seats and Purvanchal University has 80 seats.


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